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A little monochrome…

Good morning!…this time I’m posting a theme that I love…..passages. Again the HALL, with a light texture and processing, but focusing on a beautiful bit of 5 o’clock light. I love the leading lines that Gehry works with in his designs, the sense of hope and discovery; this being no exception. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for visiting.


Oh, there is another piece on passages/transitions further down if you want to check.

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Texture and architecture…..literally.

Good afternoon! This week I developed a couple of ideas based on rough texture to try and bridge the gap a bit between two related (very related) subjects: painting and photography. I have other examples that I plan to show further on, but I placed these two to break the ice. The same texture is used on both photographs and the only technical/visual change in the architecture itself is the slight distortion of the first piece – meaning I ‘widened’ the angle of the lens used, in the editing process.

If can do, and because it is such a counterpoint to what I do (at least here) normally, an opinion or two would be appreciated. Other than that get lost in the [concentric] lines and the abstraction, and enjoy them.




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Relationships in the city…

Good morning again! – I rescued a couple of photographs I took in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively to show the relation between buildings in a city. Again I always caress the sky to find vistas; I love the cement ‘bouquets’ that rise above us all. In both cases I emphasized the vision through texture (the first one even burnt to stage the street light) –

I hope you enjoy them…

Downtown LA, reworked…

Frisco encounter…

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Texture….natural and added

Good Morning! – Still exploring the Hall here and reworking some older pieces. I love to go back to work I already did and finding new ways to express what is already captured. In the case of the first photograph I re-toned the piece and added a texture to make it more dramatic and emphasize the morning light. And on the second I went back to one of my favorite angles and explored the natural texture of the metal this time. I used a cream tone on this final version to complete this monochrome set of two.

If lines can be sexy and metal seem warm this is Gehry for you…..please enjoy them.

Gateway in the morning..

Hall in Grey…

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Note: photographs are ©…..thank you.