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Circles and Lines…

Good morning! catching up to a lot of work, here is finally an update to some of my recently published work. On the newer front is my upcoming exhibition along Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris – details on my FB page for those of you living and /or visiting Paris and would like to attend: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages – Please enjoy this latest teaser with more to come shortly.


Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (detail, re-capture version 2013, monochrome)



BNF, Paris (one of my favorite places to shoot, this time I was able to catch some great clear reflections and work the tones)



La Défense (revisited a new building site, this time aiming to frame entirely on site, and I cross processed for full effect)



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Good morning!!………Further exploring as seen in the photographs preceding this duo. I often will go back to a place I like and have another ‘dialogue’ with my subject. And I don’t know why but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time – here’s to the great I. M. Pei. Please enjoy this very brief architectural post and thank you in advance for stopping by (both Musée du Louvre entrance hall btw).

Stairs, Duet…


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Stairs unlimited…

Good morning!…Winter in Paris and it’s gray and rainy – I had to run a couple of errands around the Orsay and was lacking some contemporary feel so I popped into the entrance hall at the Louvre (just across the Seine from the M’O). No money spent, just the entrance hall to capture some lines. The trick here was to avoid overexposure due to the strong white light coming in through the skylight, a challenge onto itself. They were operating the ‘lift’ tube up and down so I took advantage of that and selected a looking down and looking down view with it fully deployed to present the pieces. I love how the Europeans incorporate new designs into old/classical structures; a practice that is normal these all over the world, such being the case with the ROM in Toronto and countless buildings in London for example. Please enjoy them and look for more in future postings….

Stairs 1…


Stairs II…


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Spiral transitions…

Good morning!…..Just a couple of shots of a spiral staircase I came across the other day – this is a much photographed subject and one of those “no, here we go again, some dude taking shots at a spiral staircase…” – The truth is nobody is ever going to top the best shots taken at the Guggenheim in NY or the famous one at the Vatican, but let these two refresh your memory as to the charm behind each one of them you come across, and how important they are to utilizing space conservatively in a building. These two are one in the same, from above and then below. The one below speaks more like an abstract as opposed to the first one that is more classic (looking like an eye on thumb view) Btw, I faded the color on that one to make it more cohesive, calmer (just my quirk).

Staircase in blue…

Staircase in blue II…

Enjoy them and thank you for viewing and or commenting – as always, I appreciate it!