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Relationships in the city…

Good morning again! – I rescued a couple of photographs I took in Los Angeles and San Francisco respectively to show the relation between buildings in a city. Again I always caress the sky to find vistas; I love the cement ‘bouquets’ that rise above us all. In both cases I emphasized the vision through texture (the first one even burnt to stage the street light) –

I hope you enjoy them…

Downtown LA, reworked…

Frisco encounter…

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Hi again…..old and new when I go downtown I’m always compelled to look up – I love being hugged by buildings and I imagine all the people in them, working, going from place to place. I took the first photograph in San Francisco – just walking along I saw this building and it seemed that from a certain angle I could almost get under it; cars everywhere, narrow street, barely enough time to cross, shoot and get outta the way. I think I did it, I like this one. The second photograph is downtown Los Angeles….I saw it green, so there, I pushed the colors to bring out the drama and that leading street lamp. The seemingly 2 D looking building top left is the Wells Fargo building, and it is triangular (thus the two dimensional feeling, it’s real…)




Whatever you do, leave a comment or not, please enjoy architecture – art you can walk through, under….

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