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A matter of perspective…

March 1 and all is good..

I though this time I would take a shot at [another] two Richard Meier pieces, located in the same building here in LA. My idea this time is to present how perspective, or in many cases, point of view, can affect a piece. I mean, see it from here and it looks a certain way, see it from there and at a different time of day and it is completely different. I think that a good architect is one that focuses on the details, let the individual parts speak their language, and then come together to for the whole building – individual parts of a building treated like stand alone works of art. I thing that Meier is a master at that.

Squared – looking up (2010)

Again squared – looking up (2010) – bw high contrast to elicit a futuristic feel/ a sense of timelessness.

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Simple and complex…

I thought I would explore lines simple and complex – and leave Gehry for a bit in the process…..this is Richard Meier, an american architect whose signature is the use of white as an overall color and enameled aluminum to elicit some magnificent shapes. From museums to private homes, and he has done many, he is a master at what he does and feeds my appetite for contemporary architecture – large spaces that frame the nature all around them – always graceful and precise; geometry based on hard 30″ square measurements or proportions thereof, or piano-like bends and lines that can rival any female nude as far as shape and grace.

Enjoy simple first


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