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NY & More…

What do NY and Seattle have in common? Two monumental structures caled the Oculus and the Seattle Public Library. Details of each which follow….enjoy!





Seattle Public Library…




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Good morning…If you are wondering about the title this is my post number 50 – fifty – love it!…..Today two posts on basic flow; so important in architecture. The first one was taken in NY, lower Manhattan. I loved the transparency of the one building on top and how the other one anchors the whole scene.  The second one comes from LA, and it depicts one of my favorite Meier buildings – here I just wanted to pair details of the same structure (and basically the same area) and formulate the play from producing a slight angle variation. Please enjoy them.

NY, Ny…




Two different views, architecture, flow, conversation…..Don’t forget, when you walk your city, look up!

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Good morning….! Brief stop over in NYC, New York between planes- they say stretch your legs on a long layover so I did, and what better place than a bus to Grand Central and a walk from there. A few blocks to the left, a few to the right. And in between watching Louis Vuitton dog purse carrying ladies and the ever present pretzel carts (had to have one , with mustard!!) you look up. The action in NYC is up there – man what a city.

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Lets face it…


Flag is up…


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