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Good morning!!………Further exploring as seen in the photographs preceding this duo. I often will go back to a place I like and have another ‘dialogue’ with my subject. And I don’t know why but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time – here’s to the great I. M. Pei. Please enjoy this very brief architectural post and thank you in advance for stopping by (both Musée du Louvre entrance hall btw).

Stairs, Duet…


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Old continent architecture…

Good morning!!……Today I am posting a photograph recently taken in France and processed with minimal equipment on hand due to travel – (we can talk about how to edit with minimal or virtually no equipment on hand on a later post). Please enjoy and stay tuned for future posts.

Paris, Louvre entrance hall…


La semaine prochaine, some Eiffel views….thank you for visiting, as always


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Transitions, raw materials…

Good morning!…..3 posts taken at PROA, a great Museum located in the neighborhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires; built somewhat like a bunker, but with great effectiveness. I like the use of almost raw materials, rough/as is finishes, metal that is just polished enough, wood free of rough edges or splinters, virtually unfinished, cement that speaks of the mix of materials used to make it. All conforming a minimal set to highlight the collections that are staged, which is for the most part contemporary btw. Last year they had Louise Bourgeois, exquisite.  I like the alternative to plain white which is so often the backdrop to art in museums. Please enjoy them….




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