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Points of View…

Hello, photography is capturing frozen moments in life, but also looking at life differently.



Take flight…


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Pairs are always fun…urban conversations can be both natural or purposely matched to create tension, or graphic composition. Please enjoy~





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Oh IV…

Some photographs or buildings cause you to say ‘Oh’…I love that, surprise and awe at the simplicity maybe, or the idea, or the originality…

Blended realities…


Squared reality…


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Quest for an image

This from a short trip I took to London, England. I love what is happening in that city; it’s as if contemporary architecture exploded all over in ever dearing moves. Shards of glass and impossible angles abound…please enjoy~!



Metal on metal…


Wind me down…


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Hello Sunday! Today, interiors.

(his & her)…

London search…

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I feel the rush of solstice here in the northern hemisphere and the need to go out and capture the city. So much available light!

Depicted below are two of my frequent stops: UW (University of Washington) and the MOP (Museum Of Pop-culture) by Frank Gehry. Please enjoy.

Do you have any favorite corners/spots?

UW campus






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Good morning!..As simplicity is the highest form of sophistication I was eager to post three of my most recent images as published in my FB artist page. It may or may not be a agreed upon by everyone but it is every artist’s obligation to search and capture the basic lines, the simple form once in a while, at least. A focus on minimalism enriches the heart they say. More to come in the near future, in the meantime please enjoy!




Sun ray…





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Circles and Lines…

Good morning! catching up to a lot of work, here is finally an update to some of my recently published work. On the newer front is my upcoming exhibition along Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris – details on my FB page for those of you living and /or visiting Paris and would like to attend: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages – Please enjoy this latest teaser with more to come shortly.


Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (detail, re-capture version 2013, monochrome)



BNF, Paris (one of my favorite places to shoot, this time I was able to catch some great clear reflections and work the tones)



La Défense (revisited a new building site, this time aiming to frame entirely on site, and I cross processed for full effect)



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Good morning!…Still feeling the chill but Paris is slowly warming up with the feel and colors of Spring. If you are planning a trip over this is probably the time to do it, early blossoms, young growth, not that many tourists yet and still, museums and cafes to enjoy to the fullest.

My latest captures here take me once more to LA first, and my study of flow in contemporary architecture. You’ve seen my Getty waves and I’ve attempted to take it to the next level and dig deeper into its sensual form. Following that is a short stint I did last Sunday at La Défense, my preferred business district here in Paris where I go to find new angles amid new construction taking place every week it seems. My rendition is that of the back of a well known building (seen further down my stream) mirroring its facade. The tones I gave the photograph fit well with it’s ancient feel – someone said that of a medieval sword – yet an absolute contemporary structure otherwise. On that subject, many contemporary architects get their inspiration from medieval, Roman and Greek structures when they design.

BTW (and without further ado) I have inaugurated a new blog dealing with Paris Fashion through my street photography: I kindly invite you to visit http://julianescardofashion.wordpress.com  for its maiden page, and hit subscribe!

Variation on a theme…



Master copy

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Good morning!…After a profound year of change and reflection for many, I welcome 2014 as the year of consolidation. To celebrate sometimes is to take a step forward, or simply to take a step, but celebrate at last. Change is inevitable and embracing it means treading on new waters, and learning to cope with new found confidence. Among some of my decisions (no pressure…lol!) I opted for launching a series of architectural black and white photographs; 10 to be exact. I had them critiqued, undertook minor corrections, and finally had them printed. Beautiful Baryta paper especially formulated for BW work…….intense blacks and exquisite whites, contrasts and subtle lines showing to the naked eye. I was pleased then, I am pleased now.

Below lie the works described. It is my plan to locate suitable gallery space to show them, Paris (where I reside) is my first choice, but a home is a home, and as told to me by friends and colleagues, no serious offer can or will be refused. I have had the fortunate luck to show in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and Catanzaro (Italy) – what’s next? I don’t know, but confidence and perseverance will dictate the path, and trust will create the right partnership. Please enjoy, thank you for coming and, as it has become a necessary custom nowadays, all works are part of my domain and are thus copyrighted.

note: suggestions, contacts, and or leads are encouraged.

Architecture – monochrome – Los Angeles, Paris locations











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