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Good morning!..As simplicity is the highest form of sophistication I was eager to post three of my most recent images as published in my FB artist page. It may or may not be a agreed upon by everyone but it is every artist’s obligation to search and capture the basic lines, the simple form once in a while, at least. A focus on minimalism enriches the heart they say. More to come in the near future, in the meantime please enjoy!




Sun ray…





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In and out…

Good morning! – again two simple posts, and a theme that says interior – exterior. There aren’t enough photographs of interiors in architecture as far a I am concerned. The one I chose speaks of minimal elements, but they provide a lot, a place to sit, of contemplation. And a sliver of art, with just enough flow too break the otherwise rigid lines, present even on the floor. The other (second one) represents a window into another world, where glass, metal and stone conspire to stir our imagination.

I hope you like them, different as they are –


Windows to the world… (for details please enlarge)

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Minimally so…

Good morning….as April moves along I thought that I would explore minimalism, that ethereal quality that strips all elements down to the bare necessities, revealing only the essentials (and doesn’t let even the compositional aspects distract us)……I love how architecture can ‘become part’ of the background sometimes. I like how through lines or shadows it can almost hover and create a sense of the surreal.

Endless affair (architecture detail, 2011)

Banister…(detail plus shadow, 2010)

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