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Good morning! Just two posts based on visualizing water taken at my favorite spot, the Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles. Enjoy!!

Cradled on the waves…


Autumn in LA…


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Stairs unlimited…

Good morning!…Winter in Paris and it’s gray and rainy – I had to run a couple of errands around the Orsay and was lacking some contemporary feel so I popped into the entrance hall at the Louvre (just across the Seine from the M’O). No money spent, just the entrance hall to capture some lines. The trick here was to avoid overexposure due to the strong white light coming in through the skylight, a challenge onto itself. They were operating the ‘lift’ tube up and down so I took advantage of that and selected a looking down and looking down view with it fully deployed to present the pieces. I love how the Europeans incorporate new designs into old/classical structures; a practice that is normal these all over the world, such being the case with the ROM in Toronto and countless buildings in London for example. Please enjoy them and look for more in future postings….

Stairs 1…


Stairs II…


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Good morning!…Today just a quick post to go over POV or ‘point of view’…so many good captures are missed on account of giving up before  walking the site, or trying something new – in this image I saw several ‘actions’ taking place at the same time – but it was confusing until I managed to lean real hard against a railing. Sometimes one wishes one could fly and hover……please enjoy it!~

3rd level, 6 p.m…

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A little monochrome…

Good morning!…this time I’m posting a theme that I love…..passages. Again the HALL, with a light texture and processing, but focusing on a beautiful bit of 5 o’clock light. I love the leading lines that Gehry works with in his designs, the sense of hope and discovery; this being no exception. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for visiting.


Oh, there is another piece on passages/transitions further down if you want to check.

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Good morning!……It has been a while and I decided to come back with a piece that I did recently basically combining two photographs of my favorite site, the Hall as I call it. I liked the effect of ‘veil’ that the two faces of the building yielded – a sort of transparency that spoke of fabric rather than metal. I also meant the term in it’s traditional museum meaning, such as ‘unveiling’ a painting, etc. because this is new to some and I present it this way for the first time…It always amuses and amazes me to see that metal can be soft, warm or even transparent, and have that sensation of ‘flowing’. This is more natural or possible in the Gehry forms of course, or in the work of Calatrava, which I hope to photograph soon given the city I’m currently living in.

Please enjoy it and note that the Hall is represented in many of my other postings which can be viewed if you scroll through my site.


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Heavy Metal…

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In today’s post I wanted to reflect (no pun intended, keep reading) on the use of metal in contemporary architecture….and the possibilities that it brings to elicit not only shape but texture and color, and of course, reflection (hah!). I love the mood that ‘opaqued’ metal provides for example, kind of industrial in strength, denoting solidity and permanence, but also creating a canvas for seemingly impressionist depictions. Outdoors, sky  and earth, and even people passing by or trees nearby merge to form great scenes sometimes. Stand for instance anywhere in the inner passages of Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall and you’ll be amazed at what I call the “scenes within” – simple lines and colors: blue, white, ochre and green play on morning or afternoon landscapes courtesy of the time of day (light/sun, etc). Like everything, it’s all in what you see…or choose to see.

Photographs: I chose two scenes that I recently took while visiting a museum – the one reminds me of a wheat field and the other of a seaside setting….and I love how the square frame bearly contains them as the lines fight to ‘bleed’ and be freed. Please enjoy this more focused architectural-turned-abstract post.


Evidence II… (2011)

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