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Good morning!…this time around I focused on reworking a piece that you can see further down my stream. Very often I will look back at some of my photographs and somehow they ‘speak‘ differently, and without disrespecting the original post I rework them. Sometimes that happens as a result of learning a new technique, others simply because…….this time I sought to bring out some of the Escher quality and used black and white as the vehicle. I added a tree to refocus the perspective and made it more conceptual. Original is a straight looking up shot.

The tree…

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Good morning!………For today’s post I thought I would explore the three dimensionality aspect of some photographs – so here is my timid salute to Maurits Escher, his almost mathematical work and his inspiration to so any painters, architects, wood carvers and why not, photographers. The first one is obviously very mathematical while the second, part of a Frank Gehry piece, has the flow and twists typical of such architect. Both were taken in Los Angeles. Please enjoy them!



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This morning a couple of entries to further illustrate the passages or transitions at the Hall….again, going from place to place within a structure plays a major role and I believe it to be the responsibility of the architect to take this into account – I think it should definitely be part of the experience – Gehry is an expert at this, making it seamless for you to go from “here to here”. A word of advice when you are caught in these transitions…..look up – every couple of steps; some parts seem to kiss (an example of this in my next blog)

Please enjoy these two entries – note the ‘Escher’ quality of the first one

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