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Good morning! Just two posts based on visualizing water taken at my favorite spot, the Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles. Enjoy!!

Cradled on the waves…


Autumn in LA…


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Color and…

Good morning from Los Angeles!….It has been (a long!) while I know, so I want to get right on it and celebrate two things that I have been working on lately: color and lo-fi. By color I mean the way I see color, sometimes pushing those values to bring out the spirit of a capture. But careful….are you helping the shot? does it really need to turn from blue into emerald-green to go to the next level? As artists only we can only be the judges of that and ultimately do what has been done for millennia, follow your instincts. Maybe it’s my Tarantino influence but sometimes reds aren’t red enough and you have to do something about it; and at the end of the day….why not?!  And by lo-fi I mean the ever-present and wonderful challenge of working with restricted or available means, in my case my cell phone. By restricted means I don’t only mean ‘less’, just having or using different advantages. I will never stop admiring people who do great things with few resources; there is an inherent quality and a direct relationship between the struggle that comes from working with less-than-ideal-and-what-is-available and the all around test to capture the same quality of spirit with abundant resources. To me is every artist must practice the art of doing with less, often. Can you make a purse out of a simple square piece of leather, can you take a photograph using heat and thermal paper; how far can (and must) the boundaries be pushed to achieve the kind of simple design that not only contains the essence but creates that emotional connection.

Below I have chosen works captured in and around Paris, but keep an eye for some LA stuff coming up. If anything this city can offer color, so add some to your life and drop me a message if you feel like it.


BNF, Paris…(Nikon D300)


La Défense, France…(via iPhone5)


Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris…(via iPhone5)



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Good morning!..As simplicity is the highest form of sophistication I was eager to post three of my most recent images as published in my FB artist page. It may or may not be a agreed upon by everyone but it is every artist’s obligation to search and capture the basic lines, the simple form once in a while, at least. A focus on minimalism enriches the heart they say. More to come in the near future, in the meantime please enjoy!




Sun ray…





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Circles and Lines…

Good morning! catching up to a lot of work, here is finally an update to some of my recently published work. On the newer front is my upcoming exhibition along Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris – details on my FB page for those of you living and /or visiting Paris and would like to attend: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages – Please enjoy this latest teaser with more to come shortly.


Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (detail, re-capture version 2013, monochrome)



BNF, Paris (one of my favorite places to shoot, this time I was able to catch some great clear reflections and work the tones)



La Défense (revisited a new building site, this time aiming to frame entirely on site, and I cross processed for full effect)



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LA to Paris…

Good morning!….my 51st post finds me back in Paris with the energy typical of this time of the year…..Spring – So…..my first post pays homage to my all time favourite building, the Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry. In this take I sought an angle that would display its power though perspective and I hope I was able to achieve that. My second post lands me back in Paris and for that I went to La Défense, a business district not ‘technically’ in Paris, but easily  reached by metro and as far as I feel it ought to be. The piece shown surrounds an office building and for the most part lies hidden from the general public.

Please enjoy these two architectural works and, as always, don’t hesitate to comment or ask any questions.



The eye…

DSC_7928Thank you as always,



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Opera and wine…

Good morning!!….my walks continue and here are a couple of contemporary pieces taken in Paris and Saint Émilion respectively. The first is a slice of the Opéra Bastille (the new one v the old and magnificent Opera Garnier…). The second I came across while touring a winery in St. Émilion called Château Soutard – as usual one is keeping up with the guests so I had but one second to choose how to capture these steel stairs…..I saw them and forged ahead before anyone could block my view. For one beautiful second the wine took second place and I didn’t mind making a fool of myself by rushing ahead. I hope you like them……..enjoy!

The Opera…


The wine…


From fabulous music to superb wine….this was a fun ride which I hope you will enjoy. Your opinions are welcome so please feel free to comment. For more photography please visit my Facebook pro page at www.facebook.com/FJEimages

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Good morning!…..I was thinking of the word complexity the other day and visualized two images below that I took over a period of  a few months in 2010. I love complexity, especially in contemporary architecture – new materials have led the way for designers and architects , and have allowed them to let go of their inhibitions and produce veritable works of art. I hope you will enjoy these images, one is a blend and the other just a detail of a larger piece, both taken in Los Angeles…



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Texture….natural and added

Good Morning! – Still exploring the Hall here and reworking some older pieces. I love to go back to work I already did and finding new ways to express what is already captured. In the case of the first photograph I re-toned the piece and added a texture to make it more dramatic and emphasize the morning light. And on the second I went back to one of my favorite angles and explored the natural texture of the metal this time. I used a cream tone on this final version to complete this monochrome set of two.

If lines can be sexy and metal seem warm this is Gehry for you…..please enjoy them.

Gateway in the morning..

Hall in Grey…

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Simple in black….and white

We are running out of March…..ugh. This week I brought with me a couple of Low-fi bw’s to present basic architectural lines……I love how contemporary architecture can give us such simple lines that seem to caress the space. I chose to convert them to black and white in order to allow the eye to focus on the lines, and emphasize the abstractness – do you agree?. I also love the grainy aspect…

The first one is called “Segmented…” (architectural abstract, 2011)

The second one is simply called ‘)/…’ (architectural lines, 2011)

Footnote: medium used, IPhone4 – I love it and it comes very handy when I’m not carrying my big SLR and opportunities come along.

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