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Crossing the line…

Intersecting lines are always fascinating. They drive the eye as well as provide structural support. Many architects make them obvious, and elegant…I like that.

Around the Biblio, Paris…


Please enjoy. ©Julian Escardo photography







Texture and architecture…..literally.

Good afternoon! This week I developed a couple of ideas based on rough texture to try and bridge the gap a bit between two related (very related) subjects: painting and photography. I have other examples that I plan to show further on, but I placed these two to break the ice. The same texture is used on both photographs and the only technical/visual change in the architecture itself is the slight distortion of the first piece – meaning I ‘widened’ the angle of the lens used, in the editing process.

If can do, and because it is such a counterpoint to what I do (at least here) normally, an opinion or two would be appreciated. Other than that get lost in the [concentric] lines and the abstraction, and enjoy them.




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