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Crossing the line…

Intersecting lines are always fascinating. They drive the eye as well as provide structural support. Many architects make them obvious, and elegant…I like that.

Around the Biblio, Paris…


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Points of View…

Hello, photography is capturing frozen moments in life, but also looking at life differently.



Take flight…


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Repetitions are like water waves, and sometimes can produce a poetic graphic effect. Depicted here is the Disney Concert Hall by Gehry. Please enjoy~



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Oh IV…

Some photographs or buildings cause you to say ‘Oh’…I love that, surprise and awe at the simplicity maybe, or the idea, or the originality…

Blended realities…


Squared reality…


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I feel the rush of solstice here in the northern hemisphere and the need to go out and capture the city. So much available light!

Depicted below are two of my frequent stops: UW (University of Washington) and the MOP (Museum Of Pop-culture) by Frank Gehry. Please enjoy.

Do you have any favorite corners/spots?

UW campus






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Color and…

Good morning from Los Angeles!….It has been (a long!) while I know, so I want to get right on it and celebrate two things that I have been working on lately: color and lo-fi. By color I mean the way I see color, sometimes pushing those values to bring out the spirit of a capture. But careful….are you helping the shot? does it really need to turn from blue into emerald-green to go to the next level? As artists only we can only be the judges of that and ultimately do what has been done for millennia, follow your instincts. Maybe it’s my Tarantino influence but sometimes reds aren’t red enough and you have to do something about it; and at the end of the day….why not?!  And by lo-fi I mean the ever-present and wonderful challenge of working with restricted or available means, in my case my cell phone. By restricted means I don’t only mean ‘less’, just having or using different advantages. I will never stop admiring people who do great things with few resources; there is an inherent quality and a direct relationship between the struggle that comes from working with less-than-ideal-and-what-is-available and the all around test to capture the same quality of spirit with abundant resources. To me is every artist must practice the art of doing with less, often. Can you make a purse out of a simple square piece of leather, can you take a photograph using heat and thermal paper; how far can (and must) the boundaries be pushed to achieve the kind of simple design that not only contains the essence but creates that emotional connection.

Below I have chosen works captured in and around Paris, but keep an eye for some LA stuff coming up. If anything this city can offer color, so add some to your life and drop me a message if you feel like it.


BNF, Paris…(Nikon D300)


La Défense, France…(via iPhone5)


Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris…(via iPhone5)



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Circles and Lines…

Good morning! catching up to a lot of work, here is finally an update to some of my recently published work. On the newer front is my upcoming exhibition along Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris – details on my FB page for those of you living and /or visiting Paris and would like to attend: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages – Please enjoy this latest teaser with more to come shortly.


Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (detail, re-capture version 2013, monochrome)



BNF, Paris (one of my favorite places to shoot, this time I was able to catch some great clear reflections and work the tones)



La Défense (revisited a new building site, this time aiming to frame entirely on site, and I cross processed for full effect)



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Good morning!!…..I thought I would briefly offer two examples of what I call urban relationships – that is to say how buildings relate to one another in an urban setting, and how the parts of a building relate to each other. In my first example, taken in the Paris business district of La Défense, the photograph speaks for itself. I love how the two structures seem to lean against one another, to talk, maybe even watch us go by. The second is a re-edit one of my favorite captures of Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall – and in it we can see how well all the parts play a role, but integrate, form a team that will eventually oh and ah may passers-by and those who enter the structure.

Either way, buildings can be a symbol of beauty and elegance; and sometimes all we have to do is look up to see their display of grace.  I hope you like them, and if you wish to see more please follow my work here: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages



Dialoge II…


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The Hall…

January 22 – 2nd post – I have already received very positive feedback from friends, twitter pals and facebook fans. I’m encouraged to continue with this voyage through Gehry and his Disney Concert Hall.

I have never met Frank Gehry, but I feel I know him nevertheless…through one of his masterpieces, the Hall as I call it. For one, it is one of the few buildings in LA you can feel comfortable in while shooting photography. You can go there at noon, late in the day, at midnight, dawn, and never be pressured to leave or be given the “evil eye” by security. LA is a tough city and everyone wants a permit or cites the Freedom Act to literally throw you out….I mean, I’ve been escorted out of public malls for crying out loud. But back to reality: the DCH opened October 2003 to reveal a symphony of peaks and valleys made up of polished stainless steel metal plates to great reviews. With one exception that soon became apparent, the reflective qualities of the surface were amplified by the concave sections of the Founders Room walls. Soon, some residents of the neighboring condominiums suffered glare caused by sunlight that was reflected off these surfaces and concentrated in a manner similar to a parabolic mirror. It is said that even planes flying above would be affected by this glare. The resulting heat made some rooms of nearby condominiums unbearably warm, caused the air-conditioning costs of these residents to skyrocket and created hot spots on adjacent sidewalks of as much as 60 °C (140 °F). After complaints from neighboring buildings and residents, the owners asked Gehry Partners to come up with a solution. Their response was a computer analysis of the building’s surfaces identifying the offending panels. In 2005 these were dulled by lightly sanding the panels to eliminate unwanted glare. All together tho, it stands tall as one of the most beautiful examples of contemporary architecture… 

For this second installment I chose “Disney in the Spring”, a photograph I took about three years ago now in one of the many inner passages of the Hall. To me it represents a conversation between the organic and the non-organic, metal reflecting nature and nature enhancing metal, tinting a seemingly cold material and turning into a canvas of sorts. This piece is unique in that the tree depicted is now overgrown and this scene will never be repeated (such is the wonder of photography) and not only the colors but the light are very different these days…I hope you like it and will allow me to show more examples of this building in subsequent posts.

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