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Good morning!..As simplicity is the highest form of sophistication I was eager to post three of my most recent images as published in my FB artist page. It may or may not be a agreed upon by everyone but it is every artist’s obligation to search and capture the basic lines, the simple form once in a while, at least. A focus on minimalism enriches the heart they say. More to come in the near future, in the meantime please enjoy!




Sun ray…





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Circles and Lines…

Good morning! catching up to a lot of work, here is finally an update to some of my recently published work. On the newer front is my upcoming exhibition along Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris – details on my FB page for those of you living and /or visiting Paris and would like to attend: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages – Please enjoy this latest teaser with more to come shortly.


Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles (detail, re-capture version 2013, monochrome)



BNF, Paris (one of my favorite places to shoot, this time I was able to catch some great clear reflections and work the tones)



La Défense (revisited a new building site, this time aiming to frame entirely on site, and I cross processed for full effect)



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Good morning!!….In spite of having procrastinated (by a lot this time!!) I wish to start this post with my usual cheery GM. We all deserve a good morning, a good day and if we can help it a good life. At least there is one thing we can control, and that is what we choose to see, and how we choose to see things. I believe strongly that there is beauty all around us….in people, in things, in the things we smell (or choose to smell if you get my drift). In my case a large part of my life out there, walking consists of looking straight up and today’s post makes no exception to that fact and the beauty that exists thanks to architects. Please enjoy and as always, feel free to comment, ask or simply offer your opinion.







Traces…(iPhone5 capture)


Thank you again for allowing me to procrastinate (as if you did have a choice…lol). I trust that with four postings I was able to compensate a little. Above all thank you for following my work and as usual you can head off to my facebook page for more  info and up to the minute posts.



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Of Volumes and Glass…

Good morning!!…Two photographs I recently took have captured my heart……..and I don’t mean to say that my own work captures my heart, but as I always thrive to keep things simple, I think I achieved just that here. And therefore….yes, I am pleased. The first is of an 18 story building – a straight up looking view against one of the bottom glass panels, and my intention was to capture the ethereal quality of the scene. The day was right, the sun was there, no clouds to distract. I was ready to put my eye on the X. A friend and colleague of mine said of this same capture (and I think it serves to illustrate what I saw): “It’s like a hall of mirrors, where you don’t know which way is the right way up. The range of blues in this is stunning, particularly to the right of the image, it’s resoundingly Phantom of the Operaish in a way…the phantom historically created mirror traps…and this reminds me of it.”…..I love it when images evoke thoughts of this nature, and stir imagination. The second image is again, a very simple study of volumes and yes, again, glass is involved. In this case I had to resort to a black and white monochrome to make the said volumes stand out. I trust it worked…..yet you are the ultimate judge of that. Please enjoy!

After the flight…


Volumes at noon…


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Texture and architecture…..literally.

Good afternoon! This week I developed a couple of ideas based on rough texture to try and bridge the gap a bit between two related (very related) subjects: painting and photography. I have other examples that I plan to show further on, but I placed these two to break the ice. The same texture is used on both photographs and the only technical/visual change in the architecture itself is the slight distortion of the first piece – meaning I ‘widened’ the angle of the lens used, in the editing process.

If can do, and because it is such a counterpoint to what I do (at least here) normally, an opinion or two would be appreciated. Other than that get lost in the [concentric] lines and the abstraction, and enjoy them.




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Heavy Metal…

Good morning,

In today’s post I wanted to reflect (no pun intended, keep reading) on the use of metal in contemporary architecture….and the possibilities that it brings to elicit not only shape but texture and color, and of course, reflection (hah!). I love the mood that ‘opaqued’ metal provides for example, kind of industrial in strength, denoting solidity and permanence, but also creating a canvas for seemingly impressionist depictions. Outdoors, sky  and earth, and even people passing by or trees nearby merge to form great scenes sometimes. Stand for instance anywhere in the inner passages of Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall and you’ll be amazed at what I call the “scenes within” – simple lines and colors: blue, white, ochre and green play on morning or afternoon landscapes courtesy of the time of day (light/sun, etc). Like everything, it’s all in what you see…or choose to see.

Photographs: I chose two scenes that I recently took while visiting a museum – the one reminds me of a wheat field and the other of a seaside setting….and I love how the square frame bearly contains them as the lines fight to ‘bleed’ and be freed. Please enjoy this more focused architectural-turned-abstract post.


Evidence II… (2011)

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At sea…

Fourth installment wants to show the Hall in three different instances – calm, frisky and “kick ass” Piercing the Sky (the wave finally breaking)….sometimes when I see the Hall I think of an ocean, very fitting to southern California and in this instance, a nice break from the downtown old fashioned brick and mortar structures…..Please enjoy!

Calm seas….

Frisky, as waves that stir and carry the power to be…

Piercing the Sky…..the wave finally breaks.

Abstractness in architecture, details, superimposed plates of stainless steel that free the imagination – at least mine. Thank you for visiting……