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Books n’such…

Good morning!!…I had the pleasure of visiting the famous Bibliothèque Nationale de France Site François-Mitterrand recently and took a couple of photographs to [at least] try and mark the spot. Lets agree that nothing that can be taken can do justice to four magnificent buildings (18 floors each) placed square in a great big esplanade……enough public space to chill and housing for the largest collection of books in Europe. I first want to say that I am grateful for the permission I was granted to come in and shoot on an ‘off’ day. And rightfully so I want to make full disclosure and say that even though the photography is entirely mine I am aware and acknowledge that the rights of the same are those of the BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France, Dominique Parrault, Architecte / ©ADAGP, Paris 2013).

Having said that I have to say that access to public buildings in Paris has been fantastic, and much more efficient and friendly than in other parts of the world. Rules are rules and I always observe them of course – it is not only the right thing to do but the most secure and logical in this day and age. However, us/we photographers have to know our rights too and not always cede if we are pursuing artistic or informative images. The best thing is generally to approach the place you are planning to photograph and be polite, yet get passed the usual suspects like basic security guards who will always say no just in case (not always however, in the interest of disclosure I have met some great and very knowledgeable guys and ladies in security positions).

On the move…

Escalator BNF

Fly with me…


These two photographs intend to capture the dynamic architecture of the place…..but by all means do not do justice to the whole which I invite you to imagine or research via the links I provided. I had a great time and again ty and ty to Mme Sylvie S. from Production photo – photothèque – Délégation à la communication BNF.

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Good morning!!….I am celebrating the arrival of Springlike weather (finally!) here in Europe and decided to produce two cross-processed architectural images. I wanted to stress the strong qualities of the flow or angle but also focus on the graphic impact. I hope I’ve achieved that – it’s the first time I designed a couple of lightroom presets and I’m happy with the results….I trust you are too.

La Défense…

untitled (4 of 29)

Ebb ad Flow II…

untitled (2 of 6498)

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LA to Paris…

Good morning!….my 51st post finds me back in Paris with the energy typical of this time of the year…..Spring – So…..my first post pays homage to my all time favourite building, the Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry. In this take I sought an angle that would display its power though perspective and I hope I was able to achieve that. My second post lands me back in Paris and for that I went to La Défense, a business district not ‘technically’ in Paris, but easily  reached by metro and as far as I feel it ought to be. The piece shown surrounds an office building and for the most part lies hidden from the general public.

Please enjoy these two architectural works and, as always, don’t hesitate to comment or ask any questions.



The eye…

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Good morning…If you are wondering about the title this is my post number 50 – fifty – love it!…..Today two posts on basic flow; so important in architecture. The first one was taken in NY, lower Manhattan. I loved the transparency of the one building on top and how the other one anchors the whole scene.  The second one comes from LA, and it depicts one of my favorite Meier buildings – here I just wanted to pair details of the same structure (and basically the same area) and formulate the play from producing a slight angle variation. Please enjoy them.

NY, Ny…




Two different views, architecture, flow, conversation…..Don’t forget, when you walk your city, look up!

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Good morning….! Brief stop over in NYC, New York between planes- they say stretch your legs on a long layover so I did, and what better place than a bus to Grand Central and a walk from there. A few blocks to the left, a few to the right. And in between watching Louis Vuitton dog purse carrying ladies and the ever present pretzel carts (had to have one , with mustard!!) you look up. The action in NYC is up there – man what a city.

Please enjoy these two ‘edited from the road” posts and thank you for visiting my work, as always.

Lets face it…


Flag is up…


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Good morning!…….just a bit of dynamic action on account of beautiful uptown Paris, La Défense district. Slight HDR effect to allow for a more theatrical feel. Please enjoy!



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Good morning!!…..I thought I would briefly offer two examples of what I call urban relationships – that is to say how buildings relate to one another in an urban setting, and how the parts of a building relate to each other. In my first example, taken in the Paris business district of La Défense, the photograph speaks for itself. I love how the two structures seem to lean against one another, to talk, maybe even watch us go by. The second is a re-edit one of my favorite captures of Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall – and in it we can see how well all the parts play a role, but integrate, form a team that will eventually oh and ah may passers-by and those who enter the structure.

Either way, buildings can be a symbol of beauty and elegance; and sometimes all we have to do is look up to see their display of grace.  I hope you like them, and if you wish to see more please follow my work here: http://www.facebook.com/FJEimages



Dialoge II…


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Opera and wine…

Good morning!!….my walks continue and here are a couple of contemporary pieces taken in Paris and Saint Émilion respectively. The first is a slice of the Opéra Bastille (the new one v the old and magnificent Opera Garnier…). The second I came across while touring a winery in St. Émilion called Château Soutard – as usual one is keeping up with the guests so I had but one second to choose how to capture these steel stairs…..I saw them and forged ahead before anyone could block my view. For one beautiful second the wine took second place and I didn’t mind making a fool of myself by rushing ahead. I hope you like them……..enjoy!

The Opera…


The wine…


From fabulous music to superb wine….this was a fun ride which I hope you will enjoy. Your opinions are welcome so please feel free to comment. For more photography please visit my Facebook pro page at www.facebook.com/FJEimages

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Good morning!!………Further exploring as seen in the photographs preceding this duo. I often will go back to a place I like and have another ‘dialogue’ with my subject. And I don’t know why but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time – here’s to the great I. M. Pei. Please enjoy this very brief architectural post and thank you in advance for stopping by (both Musée du Louvre entrance hall btw).

Stairs, Duet…


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Stairs unlimited…

Good morning!…Winter in Paris and it’s gray and rainy – I had to run a couple of errands around the Orsay and was lacking some contemporary feel so I popped into the entrance hall at the Louvre (just across the Seine from the M’O). No money spent, just the entrance hall to capture some lines. The trick here was to avoid overexposure due to the strong white light coming in through the skylight, a challenge onto itself. They were operating the ‘lift’ tube up and down so I took advantage of that and selected a looking down and looking down view with it fully deployed to present the pieces. I love how the Europeans incorporate new designs into old/classical structures; a practice that is normal these all over the world, such being the case with the ROM in Toronto and countless buildings in London for example. Please enjoy them and look for more in future postings….

Stairs 1…


Stairs II…


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