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Good morning!!….As stated in my last post, I wanted to come back with a couple of shots of the most iconic monument in France…….the Eiffel tower – given the incredible architecture in this country, particularly in Paris, this is a rather unfair statement to make, but…..we can leave it there for now.

As I approached the tower I had the sense that it had been photographed sooooo many times and I didn’t quite know what to do. So……after a while I decided to go traditional and show it as an engineering marvel, which after all it is, it stands tall, solid, ominous in many ways – engineering-architecture-architecture-engineering-structure, all will be debated for years to come. FYI they are now revamping the first floor completely, so I had the sense that after this time  it will never look the same, hence my formal approach. I hope you will enjoy my take on this grand Dame of architecture for it really deserves it’s place in history. First view…….approaching – second view, getting acquainted (I added a vintage touch to both photos to keep the spirit intact).

Eiffel 1…


Eiffel 2…


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