by fjeimages

Good morning!……It has been a while and I decided to come back with a piece that I did recently basically combining two photographs of my favorite site, the Hall as I call it. I liked the effect of ‘veil’ that the two faces of the building yielded – a sort of transparency that spoke of fabric rather than metal. I also meant the term in it’s traditional museum meaning, such as ‘unveiling’ a painting, etc. because this is new to some and I present it this way for the first time…It always amuses and amazes me to see that metal can be soft, warm or even transparent, and have that sensation of ‘flowing’. This is more natural or possible in the Gehry forms of course, or in the work of Calatrava, which I hope to photograph soon given the city I’m currently living in.

Please enjoy it and note that the Hall is represented in many of my other postings which can be viewed if you scroll through my site.


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