Angles soft and sharp……

by fjeimages

March 2012! I cannot believe it has been so long….so let me get right back on the proverbial horse….

I thought that to start I would post three photographs I happen to take with only seconds to spare – that is while transitioning from one place to another in a hurry (yes, sometimes it happens). You spot something out of the corner of your eye, and you have to have it. I love details as you know, painterly abstracts that lay inside the large picture (Passage)…….the gentle caress of an angle (Ceiling), or a sharp turn (IV) begging to be photographed because the light is just right, etc…..enjoy them as I did and do, and thank you for visiting my ever so spaced out blog!~ Julian

Ceiling…(color, architecture detail, Norton Simon, Pasadena, 2011)

IV…(architecture detail, sharp angles, 2010)

note: IPhone capture

Passage….(architecture interior, monochrome, light texture 2011)