The nature in architecture…..

by fjeimages

Today I’m kissing April goodbye with a salute to nature and how it “dresses-up” architecture….sometimes I think of it as curtains in a home, or a throw carefully placed on a couch to make it ‘hip’ or seem more comfortable. Architects frame nature very often, and sometimes work around existing nature, like a certain tree that was there before the building even went up, or a rolling hill (Meier is an expert at that)….nature provides color, and something magic happens – everything is transformed all of a sudden, colors and shapes abound, and change depending on the type of climate, time of day or even time of the year (deciduous v evergreen, and so on).

The works below try and play with the concept explained above – please enjoy them

Uppity… (architecture detail, 2009)

Daydreaming… (architecture detail plus tree, 2011)

footnote: on this last photograph I can guarantee you that the tenant/owner waited for the tree to bloom before he bought the trim paint – you have to love details (and misty rainy downtown Los Angeles afternoons!)

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