Heavy Metal…

by fjeimages

Good morning,

In today’s post I wanted to reflect (no pun intended, keep reading) on the use of metal in contemporary architecture….and the possibilities that it brings to elicit not only shape but texture and color, and of course, reflection (hah!). I love the mood that ‘opaqued’ metal provides for example, kind of industrial in strength, denoting solidity and permanence, but also creating a canvas for seemingly impressionist depictions. Outdoors, sky  and earth, and even people passing by or trees nearby merge to form great scenes sometimes. Stand for instance anywhere in the inner passages of Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall and you’ll be amazed at what I call the “scenes within” – simple lines and colors: blue, white, ochre and green play on morning or afternoon landscapes courtesy of the time of day (light/sun, etc). Like everything, it’s all in what you see…or choose to see.

Photographs: I chose two scenes that I recently took while visiting a museum – the one reminds me of a wheat field and the other of a seaside setting….and I love how the square frame bearly contains them as the lines fight to ‘bleed’ and be freed. Please enjoy this more focused architectural-turned-abstract post.


Evidence II… (2011)

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