From here to there….

by fjeimages

March 21, Spring is here, yessss!……today I’m depicting interior entry/transition points – after all, how you go from here to there is important, yes?

First post: Las Vegas….I picked this little beauty up at the (then) recently opened Wynn (business center, 2008)

note: some say Vegas is all about being tacky;  I say let the vibrant and vivid color coexist, make a statement, get lost; in other words, entertain you!

Number two is a very subtle entry way, almost concealed; as if: “shoot, I have to put a door here but I don’t want to…” – oh well, raging Vegas or subtle contemporary LA, here we have  a [most] minimal statement.

Thank you for visiting, thank you for your comments….in advance.


p.s. Again and again: Nikon, make my dream come true – let me test your Full Frame capability – I missed it when I bought your D300.