by fjeimages

Welcome to the middle of March…… I am posting a couple of photographs that require [and celebrate]  what is commonly called “framing” – some might call it composition, but I tend to photograph architecture, static subjects, so I call it framing. Of course, it has to be ‘pleasing to the eye’, it’s just a matter of order and  arranging the parts such as to capture their essence, lead the eye, compress it all in a square or rectangle in a way that it takes our breath away, or makes us want more….or even say that magic phrase ‘wow, it’s all there, in a world of its own’ – frozen in time’. phew!, that was a long phrase….sorry, I tend to get very excited.

Either way, my style focuses on ‘composing’ on the field – for the most part I see it the way I want it. I align and feel the piece on site – what is your style? – really, I’d love to know.

note: I have the Nikon D300 and only for that full frame capability I wish I owned the D700 (which came out only a couple of months after I bought the 300….grrrrrr!!


Post 1: Contemporary architecture (detail, 2011)

Post 2: Contemporary architecture (detail, 2011)

Thank you…..your opinions are always welcome – Nikon: lend me a D700 and set me free!!