A matter of perspective…

by fjeimages

March 1 and all is good..

I though this time I would take a shot at [another] two Richard Meier pieces, located in the same building here in LA. My idea this time is to present how perspective, or in many cases, point of view, can affect a piece. I mean, see it from here and it looks a certain way, see it from there and at a different time of day and it is completely different. I think that a good architect is one that focuses on the details, let the individual parts speak their language, and then come together to for the whole building – individual parts of a building treated like stand alone works of art. I thing that Meier is a master at that.

Squared – looking up (2010)

Again squared – looking up (2010) – bw high contrast to elicit a futuristic feel/ a sense of timelessness.

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