Night and day….and moon

by fjeimages

We are getting there I feel – presenting various faces of the Hall….. || Couple of facts first if I may – The outside of the Hall is open all day long, and through the night as I said before, BUT, if you go between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. you can tour the inside, FYI – you can get an electronic audio tour device *for free* and you can follow the path via prompts and signs, or stick it in your back pocket and do your own thing. First timers, follow the guide, return it and go back to capture your photographs, so get there by ten.

The inside is beautiful but dedicated to the practical side of this building. It doesn’t disappoint, and you are free to roam AND if you are lucky you get to see both stages. There is an open one off to one end of the Hall, with plastic chairs of various colors all lined up to receive I’d say over 200 people, and it sweeps up surrounded by a giant wave of wood panels that provide not only great acoustics but make for a very sexy open room. Then there’s the main auditorium complete with a very impressive organ – this is where the LA Philharmonic concerts are performed, as well as many others, including some rock and roll gigs and popular music in general . If the orchestra is not rehearsing, you are allowed a fairly good peek into this perfect concert room, although you can only go in so far (cordoned off about half way down). Note: I have been there countless times and I was only able to go in once , sit and chill for about 15 minutes. Here is the funny part; I was so happy to be there that I didn’t take a single photograph……ugh!

Let’s get to some photos – nough words….

Number one: Heavy Metal – here I have tried to show an inner passage from above. It shows more complex geometry and how warm the metal can become as the light bathes it. As a side note on this particular photograph: I have the honor of having it hanging on permanent exhibition in Catanzaro, southern Italy. It sits among 64 other works chosen from 64 different photographers from around the world. All the photographs are mounted on aluminum backing and sit about 3 X 3′ and they line the hallways of a huge cancer ward, providing hospital patients with visual relief from their daily ordeals. The exhibit is called “A look beyond” (“Lo sguardo oltre” in Italian), a fitting title I would say.  A talented italian photographer, architect and great humanitarian named Maria Luisa Corapi, conceived the idea and called on all of us to produce an original piece for this project and we responded in unison and immediately – I chose the piece below first and foremost for the patients and because it represents what I do and a Los Angeles landmark – but also for her, to honor her initiative – this photograph to me speaks of complexity  (and life can certainly be complex), of paths and options. and light at the end of the tunnel (hope in this case). Perhaps as the patients walk the halls of the hospital they stop by this representation of the Hall and wonder, let go, and for a minute they forget what they are going through.

Second post – Night. The hall stands on its own at night, street reflections and the  moon are enough, but on concert days it dresses up – an arm lifts from the back of the structure to provide great reflections and it is illuminated from across the street via several reflectors courtesy of  the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (our Opera House). It shines guys, I said go at 10 a.m.?…..go back at night!…..I popped in and took this abstract, which I textured a bit, because it needed it for a wee bit more drama.

Third shot – some fantasy, but real – the moon peeks, showing a portion of the ‘shiny’ panels mentioned in my first blog.  I saw a cradle for the sky, a bit of blue among so much brown, green and silver. I made it a bit painterly to focus the eye on the story – please enjoy it, it’s all real, but who knows…….it’s architecture!

There’s more…..huff, puff and time mediating. Ty for coming by, and if you are there gimme a shake – say hi.