Three facets….

by fjeimages

I thought I would continue this blog by showing three different facets of the Hall – on my first shot I tried to challenge myself and see if a small portion of the building could in fact look like a building. I added a texture and some grass to help me in this project – Personally I have to say I’m a bit of a purist, but from time to time I will use textures to enhance or make a point – but only because they are needed….not just to show skills for no reason at all. There are some wonderful works out there that use so called “enhancements” and I only wish I could learn some of them. I favor some leveling of lines, the now famous “dodge” tool to clean blemishes and some tone or color adjustments. But this is generally where the buck stops for me. Like I said, the important thing is to convey the message, fair and square, put some guts into a piece and make it stand, but above all it has to meet your [own] approval.

Image one: grass has been added and the sky has been toned to denote fantasy… is still the Hall, but it has become mine for a minute or two

Image two: Straight outta the camera – facet two just says volumes, and I waited for this person to walk by to show scale and the splendor of some of the inner corridors. They envelop you, make you small but invite you at the same time. Nothing is gratuitous here in Gehry’s land, just a ride into imagination. I called this piece “Lady in red”.

Third and last: I wanted to show the relation of the Hall with the city of Los Angeles. I chose a sepia or a more “vintage” look to signify the old with the new. Paying homage to the old, but allowing a contemporary building like this one to come and stay. And stay it will as one of the landmarks in the making, if it hasn’t gotten there yet. Enjoy!

note: I don’t know how I managed it but look – no cars! (LA with no cars; sort of an oxymoron)

Thank you for visiting…