The Hall…

by fjeimages

January 22 – 2nd post – I have already received very positive feedback from friends, twitter pals and facebook fans. I’m encouraged to continue with this voyage through Gehry and his Disney Concert Hall.

I have never met Frank Gehry, but I feel I know him nevertheless…through one of his masterpieces, the Hall as I call it. For one, it is one of the few buildings in LA you can feel comfortable in while shooting photography. You can go there at noon, late in the day, at midnight, dawn, and never be pressured to leave or be given the “evil eye” by security. LA is a tough city and everyone wants a permit or cites the Freedom Act to literally throw you out….I mean, I’ve been escorted out of public malls for crying out loud. But back to reality: the DCH opened October 2003 to reveal a symphony of peaks and valleys made up of polished stainless steel metal plates to great reviews. With one exception that soon became apparent, the reflective qualities of the surface were amplified by the concave sections of the Founders Room walls. Soon, some residents of the neighboring condominiums suffered glare caused by sunlight that was reflected off these surfaces and concentrated in a manner similar to a parabolic mirror. It is said that even planes flying above would be affected by this glare. The resulting heat made some rooms of nearby condominiums unbearably warm, caused the air-conditioning costs of these residents to skyrocket and created hot spots on adjacent sidewalks of as much as 60 °C (140 °F). After complaints from neighboring buildings and residents, the owners asked Gehry Partners to come up with a solution. Their response was a computer analysis of the building’s surfaces identifying the offending panels. In 2005 these were dulled by lightly sanding the panels to eliminate unwanted glare. All together tho, it stands tall as one of the most beautiful examples of contemporary architecture… 

For this second installment I chose “Disney in the Spring”, a photograph I took about three years ago now in one of the many inner passages of the Hall. To me it represents a conversation between the organic and the non-organic, metal reflecting nature and nature enhancing metal, tinting a seemingly cold material and turning into a canvas of sorts. This piece is unique in that the tree depicted is now overgrown and this scene will never be repeated (such is the wonder of photography) and not only the colors but the light are very different these days…I hope you like it and will allow me to show more examples of this building in subsequent posts.

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