Hello world!

by fjeimages

Welcome to this, my first blog – I’ve opened this page in an attempt to introduce you to my art, my vision, through what has become my passion: photography. My focus is on architecture and abstracts based on architectural form. My message is simple; to capture the poetic essence of a structure without regard to its function, and let the viewer “decipher” the rest using his or her imagination, your imagination….thus creating a sense of interaction.

Below is my first post (click to enlarge) in an upcoming series relating to the work of one of the world’s most famous architects, Frank Gehry – This particular piece was shot in 2009 at one of his most celebrated buildings, the “Disney Concert Hall” located in downtown in Los Angeles. Details: I tweaked the colors and added texture to further emphasize the sort of dance and sensuality that characterizes much of his work. Essence: Folds and paths lead you through the building in an astounding voyage of discovery that ultimately becomes as important as the real purpose of the building itself – in this case music as it was built to house the performances of the LA Philharmonic. Further posts will show the building ‘au naturel’, perhaps even more recognizable; but please bear with me as the story unfolds…Enjoy the trip, the paths of discovery and this ode to form!~)